Back Pain is a Pain in the Back

Wait for it – ah, there it is! The worlds tiniest violin playing me a song. Oh, and I just typed “violion” – if not for auto spell check what would become of my ability to write, or perhaps, even speak? But first . . .

Back Pain is a Pain in the Back

6a0115710fc794970c0148c690567b970c-320wiMy back hurts. It’s been bothering me since I started designing jewelry and using hammers and power tools and bending in awkward positions to string beads. It got worse when my 100lb rescue dog never quite learned how to stop pulling. It certainly worsened when I picked up my first DSLR camera and took to the woods and ocean, taking pictures of everything, ignoring my back when it told me to stop attempting to take pictures of things very small and things very large.

A Trip to The Doctor

I went to my Doctor and explained how my back hurt and the conversation went something like this:

Me: “Yes, so, my back has been really bothering me. It’s making it hard to work.”

Him: “Please stand up…does it hurt when you – ”

Me: “My neck does not seem to want to move that way.”

Him: “I see. Please reach down as far as you – ”

Me: “Yeah, No. That’s not happening.”

You see, it is not that I am a difficult patient it is simply that I could not and cannot move my neck certain ways at times and asking me to touch my toes? Well, I can’t do that on a good day. Edit to add: I might be a slightly annoying patient?

He continued on and I sat back down in the uncomfortable chair, well, I slouched into it – part of the problem, I surmise.

Him: “You need to take time off from whatever is causing this – ”

Me: “Umm. Well, I can’t stop working. That’s impossible”

Him: “Yes, I see. Well if you keep working the way you are this won’t get any better. Can you afford massage therapy?”

Me: “It is certainly cheaper then not working and I still cannot figure out how to shrink my pulling dog”

He gives me a look. I am accustomed to this look as I have always said “random”, odd¬† ball, things. It is the look of someone wondering how to reply to a comment. Often, said person will just go “Hmmm.”

How Divine, A Massage!

Animal-Massage-TherapyTwo weeks later and with $90 less in my wallet, I am lying face first on a massage table. I lay that way for 45 minutes while the masseuse worked out the “trigger spots” that are, apparently, clustered on the right side of my upper body – my hammering arm, my holding the leash arm, and my photography arm.

She asked me after, as I was putting my shoes on in her aromatherapy scented hallway, if my back “felt any looser.” My wallet was looser, that I was certain of.

The thing about massage therapy is it’s like therapy – you need to keep going for it to work. Instead of doing this and in my usual fashion of ignoring important Me related tasks, I invested in the following items to tackle the problem:

~Two types of gel wraps that you can microwave or ice and wrap around your neck or torso while working (genius?)

~Some expensive cream that turned out to just be expensive cream

~Robaxicet for when it really gets bad

~A much better mattress (worth every penny!)

~A weird machine called a “Tens Machine” which involves placing electrodes on places of tension and using an electric current to “knead” them into submission. I ended up with a 2nd degree burn but I suppose that is besides the point.

~Five or six different harnesses for my dog. None of which helped. Cue: I need to spend more time training him.

So, where are we right now? Where we started, unfortunately. With a sore back and eager for any tips fellow readers might have.


Natalie (and her tiny violin)


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