About the Eco Introvert

I’m a 32 year old gal living in British Columbia where it is usually as beautiful as it sounds and is portrayed in the media. Though often it’s simply pouring rain.

25442895_1623015464461886_3981366686895507527_nI’m a jewelry designer by trade and I mostly love what I do. Like any job, it has its moments.

Because I am a natural introvert being able to work for myself is a huge plus. You can check out my work Here if you like.

I love photography, my crazy rescue dog, and not smiling in pictures.

I’m in recovery from both alcohol and drugs and have been for many years. Oh, I guess I should throw in cigarettes. Those went out as well.

I started this blog to talk about three things: Holistic medicine, a vegetarian/vegan diet and the curiosities surrounding introversion. For Example, why people are introverted and why they are not. With some random life stuff thrown in. I started it just to write again. Not for anyone else, just myself. I’ve published a book, many of my poems are in journals and periodicals, and I wrote for websites about mental health and addiction for many years. So, I miss writing. A lot.

Recently, I started what I am calling The Klonopin Chronicles as I have started the journey of lowering my anti-anxiety medication – a benzodiazapine.

This blog has become more then just a place to write about the aforementioned topics. I am going to document my entire taper from this horrible drug. Why would I do this? Well, a simple google search showed me very few people had in a way which involved video, blog and pictures. People need more information and I want to try to pass on what I can.

Cheers to hoping things all fall in place,