Vegans Never Get Sick

That falls under the “bollocks” category. I have a medicine cabinet well stocked with all the things one needs to battle the cold and flu. Mind you they are not the kind of remedies you find when looking through the aisles for cough syrup. I have licorice root and honey and oregano oil. I have a fridge full of healthy organic food and protein sources. I exercise an hour a day (many thanks to my hyper chocolate lab) and drink enough water to sink if placed in a pool.

But I’m sitting here absolutely miserable. There’s a little bit of snow on the ground; the afternoon sun dances on it. It’s beautiful. My dog glares at me. He does not like the tired and sick version of me and neither do I.

I’m not great at sitting still. I never have been and so I struggle, with a foggy head and sore throat and rasping cough, to get on with things.

I should drink tea and watch Netflix I muse. I should go for a 90 minute hike in the woods. I should make chili and read a book, warm in a blanket. I should go for a run and try to run it off. Or I should just give myself a damn break once a while.

After all, we all fall down from time to time. Even vegans.